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Operation 8-Bit is supported by donations from people just like you, and these donations can make an amazing difference to helping the organizations and families we support.

Do you have an old XBox, PlayStation, or Nintendo that you (or your kids) never use anymore? Is there a long-forgotten Commodore 64, Atari 800, TI-994a, or Apple II computer just gathering dust in your attic or in the back of a closet?

We take these classic machines, no matter the condition, and use them to help improve the lives of others. Even if they’re a bit banged up, dusty, dirty, or even completely dead, we'll fix and restore them back to working condition.

Donating your old computer or video game is extremely easy, just complete this simple form to start the process of donating your old gear to Operation 8-Bit.

Corporate Sponsorships

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If you represent a business that is interested in becoming a corporate sponsor of Operation 8-Bit, please follow this link for sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

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