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    Give your old gear an extra life, and help others level up.

What is Operation 8-Bit?

Operation 8-Bit is a grass-roots not for profit group that helps to support charities like the Armed Services YMCA by raising funds through the restoration and resale of classic computers and video games.

Our Mission

Our organization was founded by a family that loves video games and classic computers, who are also strong supporters of our military and law enforcement. Our mission is simple; we collect, restore, and resell long forgotten gear and donate the proceeds of the sales to charities that support these groups.

We are proud supporters of the Tour De Force 9/11 Memorial Bike Ride and the Armed Services YMCA.

Giving Back

Chances are if you've got kids who are gamers or you like to game yourself, you have a lot of old video games lying around that nobody plays anymore.

If you've ever gone to your local gaming store to trade in your old games you may also be a bit disappointed at how little you may often get for it, which is why some people are now donating old gear instead of trading it in.

Helping the Environment

Old computers and consoles are full of toxic things. As the console decomposes in a landfill toxic materials leak out and make their way into the water and dirt. That can really muck up plant and animal environments, both on land and in the sea.

By donating your used gear to Operation 8-Bit instead of throwing it in the trash bin, you are helping to conserve natural resources and avoid air and water pollution.

How It Works

It all starts the donation of used video games, consoles, and vintage computers that we get from people just like you.

We take these classic machines, no matter the condition, and use them to help improve the lives of others. Even if they’re a bit banged up, or completely dead, we'll fix and restore them back to working condition. If they’re in good condition, we list them right away on our ebay store.

Many of our restorations are filmed and the videos posted to YouTube. In these videos we discuss the history of the machine, and the process it takes to bring them back to their original glory.

All proceeds from the resale of equipment and the ad revenue from our YouTube channel is donated to help support the families of our military and the families of law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

How You Can Help

Do you have an old XBox, PlayStation, or Nintendo that you (or your kids) never use anymore? Is there a long-forgotten Commodore 64, Atari 800, TI-994a, or Apple II computer just gathering dust in your attic or in the back of a closet?

Old computers and video game consoles aren’t like your Members Only jacket from high school. There’s better stuff to do with them than let them collect dust in a box.

Donating it to Operation 8-Bit can give that old equipment an extra life and help others to level up in the process.

Have some old gear that you would like to donate? Click here to get started!

Find those old video games and 1980's era computers that are cluttering up your house and send them to us.

We repair, restore, and resell each donated item. We may even feature your donation in one of our videos!

Your old equipment get's an extra life and the proceeds are donated to help others level up!