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Our YouTube channel brings that past and present together with a variety of fun and light hearted video essays and shorts focusing on modern retro gaming and computing.

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Restoration, Repair & Upgrade

Not all of the equipment we get is in top notch condition and those old computers often need a little TLC to get them back into good working order.

These videos focus on the restoration of the computers and game consoles that you donate and what it takes to get them ready for resale.

Makes & Mods

How do you get more games on an Atari Flashback? What can you do with an Old Mac 512k? How do you build a full-sized arcade cocktail cabinet? In this series we answer those questions and more!

Sometimes practical, sometimes crazy, but always fun! These videos showcase a variety of different modern retro makes and mods that will bring a smile to your face.

Regular Features & Bonus Content

What would a retro computer channel be without some staple content?

Planned Builds:
  • Donations Showcase
  • Computer History
  • System Reviews